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Walk climb and swim

Walk climb and swim with wildlife in Google Earth

Walk climb and swim with wildlife in Google Earth.

Walk climb and swim

This week we’re giving you a taste of what you can find in Voyager. A showcase of interactive tours and stories from experts. Nonprofits and more in the new Google Earth.

For 10 years. Google Earth Outreach has empowered nonprofits to create positive change in the world with Google’s mapping tools. Learn more about the efforts of many of these organizations in today’s Voyager spotlight.

Walk climb and swim with wildlife in Google Earth

Start with Dr. Jane Goodall. As she introduces you to the G-Family—that’s chimpanzees Gremlin. Gaia and Google. (!)—in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. From East Africa. Head to the Gulf of California with Dr. Sylvia Earle and dive into the vibrant waters off Baja. Mexico. To witness leaping mobula rays and other vibrant ocean life. Finally, walk alongside the Hardwoods elephant family of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve with the organization working to save them, Save the Elephants.

In addition to chimpanzees. We’ve got lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Along with most of the other species on the planet. Visit Voyager today to dive with sharks. Waddle with penguins and learn about wildlife conservation efforts around the globe.

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