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Space out with Google Earth on mobile

Space out with Google Earth on mobile

A) Space out with Google Earth on mobile

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Space out with Google

B) Space out with Google Earth on mobile

Stars are magical. Van Gogh painted them. Shakespeare wrote about them. We make wishes on them. 

On the Google Earth team. We understand people’s desire to see stars just as much as they want to see Planet Earth. The Google Earth mobile app now offers wide views of our starry universe. Just as Earth for the web and Earth Pro have done for some time.

As smartphones and tablets have become more powerful. We’ve been able to bring the quality of Earth’s web and Pro versions to most smartphones. You can now see a view of the stars as you zoom out from Earth on your phone. Rotate the globe and you’ll see images of the beautiful Milky Way. Collected from the European Southern Observatory, depicting the stars as they’d appear to a space explorer at a point some 30,000 miles above the planet. 

Space out with Google

Before we added the star imagery, the sky around the “big blue marble” view in Google Earth was simply black. Which wasn’t very realistic.

Realism is important to us we want people using Google Earth to see our planet in context with our place in the universe. 

That’s also why we recently added animated clouds that show weather patterns around the globe, and feature space themes, like Scenes from Space and Visit the International Space Station, in our guided tours on Google Earth’s storytelling platform, Voyager.

All kinds of people use Google Earth: scientists, environmentalists, government and nonprofit workers. And global citizens who simply love exploring the planet. Whether they want to zoom in and explore Earth close-up or zoom out and see the big picture, we hope people using the Google Earth app will enjoy this new opportunity to stargaze.

Space out with Google

C) Space out with Google Earth on mobile

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X) Space out with Google Earth on mobile

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