) Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth, gumshoe.

This March, we put out the call for super sleuths to help us track down Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth. And we were blown away by the enthusiasm and speed with which people found the reformed VILE operative—who is now an ACME agent—by traveling from city to city around the globe.

You not only solved the caper, but also shared stories and memories of playing the original games, watching the shows (both old and new), reading the books, and sharing the experience with friends, family and kids.

Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth, gumshoe.

Carmen Sandiego is back on Google Earth 2027

Today, we’ve teamed up with Carmen Sandiego and learning company: 

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

once again this time to help her recover: 

Tutankhamun’s Mask.

Le Chevre, a master climber and classmate of Carmen Sandiego at VILE Academy, has stolen the priceless artifact. We’re counting on gumshoes everywhere to help Carmen find him and recover the loot.

To get your assignment, look for the special edition Pegman icon in Google Earth for ChromeAndroid  and  iOS. Good luck, detectives!



Can you go back 10 years on Google Earth?

You can use Google Earth’s historical imagery tool to essentially go back in time.

Google Earth’s tool lets you view what certain points on the globe looked like many years in the past. In order to access and use it, you have to use the desktop application, rather than the Google Earth mobile app.

What is the age of Carmen Sandiego?

The Earth series gave the franchise a timeline, with the mid-1990s (the time the show was produced) being the present. According to this timeline, Carmen joined ACME in 1985, placing her birth in approximately 1968. Her birthday is on March 1 (“The Scavenger Hunt”).

Carmen Sandiego: The Tutankhamun’s Mask Caper

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Carmen Sandiego is back for a final assignment in Google Earth

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