mississippi river flooded

Mississippi river flooded In 1926, the Mississippi river

A)Mississippi river flooded

C)Mississippi river flooded. In 1926, the Mississippi river flooded to its highest level in history, destroying towns and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Since then, dams and thousands of kilometers of levees have been built to control the mighty Mississippi. 60 years on, another effect of the historic flood is becoming apparent. As the river has become calmer. It now also carries a lot less of the sediment that created and replenished the delta. Without that. More than 13 thousand square kilometers of the delta — an area 10 times the size of London — is slowly slipping into the Gulf of Mexico. Once again the river is threatening to displace thousands and drown the fragile delta wetlands.                                         mississippi river flooded

Mississippi delta sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. Blue is water. White is land, red shows areas of transition. (Source: EC JRC / Google)

The change of the Mississippi over decades is just one of the hundreds of stories of similarly dramatic change around the globe; from the draining of the Aral Sea in the Middle East for crops. To the effects of dam construction in China, or the impacts of the multi-year drought on the Western U.S. Water has been shaping our planet since it was formed. And still plays a direct and crucial role in all of our lives.

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