Kmz en Geodynamics Internal Tectonics

A)Kmz en Geodynamics Internal

B)Kmz en Geodynamics internal Geodynamics external
kmz en geodynamics internal                                                                                     
By Josée Broussaud

SUMMARY kmz en
  1. World data
    1. Internal Geodynamics / Tectonics
    2. external geodynamics
    3. global issues
  2. national data
      1. Internal Geodynamics / Tectonics
      2.  external geodynamics
      3. global issues

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    kmz en geodynamics internal  Help Card Simple Google Earth Version 7 , Version 6,   Version 5            Kmz en Geodynamics internal Geodynamics external KMZ global dataC)KMZ en files open in temporary locations. They are not registered at closing of the software. In Layers, uncheck all check and if necessary relevant information to display on the map. Information in Google Earth. Uncheck all except the relief or select relevant information
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    D)KMZ en Internal Geodynamics / Tectonics

    E)Kmz en Geodynamics internal Geodynamics external

    KMZ files Content / data list   F iles to open with Google EarthOcean topography
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • topographic and bathymetric map
    • lithospheric plates
    • historic Earthquakes
    • flaws
    • oceanic heat flux
    • topographic profile
    • magnetic anomalies

    Dorsales. kmz en
    Operating track
    Seafloor spreading
    kmz en geodynamics internal

      • lithospheric plates
      • Drilling (South Atlantic)
      • World geological map
      • Thickness of sediments
      • GPS tags
      • magnetic anomalies
      • topographic and bathymetric map

    College level (4 th )

    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • global distribution
    • Origin of the lava: microséisme animation and rise of magma
    • Observation of several volcanoes: volcanic edifice
    • The volcano’s Furnace
    • The active and extinct volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands
    • Boundaries of lithospheric plates
    • Global distribution of earthquakes
    • Depth homes
    • Global distribution of volcanism

    expansion océanique. kmz en
    Operating trackPaléomamétisme and drift of lithospheric plates
    kmz en geodynamics internal

        • geographic and geomagnetic poles
        • magnetic anomalies
        • Model field at apoint by IGRF

    Magnétisme1S. kmz en
    Operating track

    Return of the oceanic lithosphere in the mantle

    kmz en geodynamics internal

        • Map, topography and bathymetry
        • historical and recent earthquakes
        • boundaries of lithospheric plates
        • global volcanism
        • Heat flow
        • seismic tomography
        • isobaths plunging plates (Japan, Chile and Tonga)

    lithosphere oceanique. kmz en
    Operating track A subduction zone in Japan
    kmz en geodynamics internal

        • geological map, topography and bathymetry
        • historical and recent earthquakes
        • boundaries of lithospheric plates
        • GPS stations
        • Folder on the 11 March 2011 earthquake

    Subduction_Japon. kmz en
    Operating track
    Iceland : a tip back and a hot spot

    • Folder, eruption of Eyjafjöll
    • Iceland volcanoes and arctic icepack
    • lithospheric plates
    • historic Earthquakes
    • geological and topographic maps
    • GPS tags
    • tomographic section

    Islande. kmz en
    Operating track
    Volcanic hot spot , the volcanic alignment of Hawaii
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • lithospheric plates
    • Earthquakes in real time
    • geological and topographic maps
    • GPS tags
    • webcam

    Hawaï. kmz en
    Operating track
    I sostasie and vertical movements of the lithosphere in North America (Hudson Bay).
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • bathymetric and topographic profile of the East Coast and fossil content.
    • bathymetric and topographic profile of the southwest coast and fossil content
    • lifting lines
    • Quaternary environment.
    • lithospheric context.

    Bay Hudson. kmz-en
    Operating tracks
    Location and édifices. kmz
    Origin lava and distribution of volcans. kmz en
    Operating trackCollege level (4 th )
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Global distribution of earthquakes
    • Boundaries of lithospheric plates
    • Recent Earthquakes: Distribution and characteristics – Use of Site ReNaSS (real time monitoring)
    • Distribution of global volcanism
    • March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan

    mondiale.kmz -endistribution
    Earthquakes récents. kmz en
    Séismes. kmz en
    Operating track

    College level (4 th )
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Surface of lithospheric plates
    • Name plates
    • Types of limits
    • Some average travel speeds and direction

    View lithosphériques. kmz plates
    College level (4 th )
    Movement of the plates
    kmz en geodynamics internalMovement of plaques. kmz en
    The fate of the plaque. kmz
    Operating trackCollege level (4 th )
    Hazards and risks
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Risks in France (mainland France and overseas territories) and population density
    • Global distribution of volcanism, earthquakes
    • Location of tsunamis in France
    • A particular risk: Tsunami
    • Earthquake of 11 March 2011 in Japan

    géologiques. kmz-en risks
    Tsunamis. kmz en
    11 earthquake mars. kmz
    Operating track
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    external geodynamics
    Precipitation and water use in the world
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    •   rainfall 1961-1990
    • Water use (domestic, industry, agriculture)
    • Population density

    Precipitation and utilisations.  kmz
    Operating trackWater and health
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • malaria cases in 2003
    • deaths from cholera in 1998 and 2004
    • Population with access to safe water in 2004
    • Population connected to the sewerage network in 1999

    Water and santé. kmz
    Operating track

    Great Manmade River in Libya

    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Location of the main sites

    (Reservoirs, oasis of culture …) illustrated with photographs.
    The GRA Libye. kmz en
    Operating trackDesalination in the world
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Location of some desalination sites across 5 continents.

    Desalination in the world.
    Operating track
    Disappearance of the reliefs in the Himalayas
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Investigate the disappearance of reliefs and transport and sedimentation erosion products through the example of the Himalayan range.

    Himalayas. Operating trackCollege level (5 th )
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Three KMZ-en files to observe landscapes and study of transport phenomena and sedimentation 5 th .

    Landforms landscapes
    Phenomena of transport and sedimentation
    Apply knowledge (study of a meander)

    global issues

    Study of the dispersion of different pollutants using Google Earth to locate their origins, their movements, their dominant directions and estimate their travel speeds.
    Geothermal and thermal properties of Earth
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Geothermal Electricity produced in 2010
    • Heat flow
    • global volcanism
    • Volcanic hot spots
    • historic Earthquakes
    • Tectonic plates
    • seismic tomography
    • rainfall 1961-1990
    • Renewable Water 2008
    • 2007 Farmland
    • 2007 Population density
    • topographic and bathymetric maps

    Water and soil.
    (13,7 MB)
    Operating track

    Soil is fragile

    kmz en geodynamics internal
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • CO2 emission
    • City lights
    • Consumption of electricity
    • production hydroélectricié

     geographic data

        • topography
        • rainfall
        • world population

    Aral Sea
    kmz en geodynamics internal

        • 1973 the Aral Sea in 1973
        • 1986 the Aral Sea in 1986
        • 1999 the Aral Sea in 1999
        • 2010 the Aral Sea in 2010

    Aral Sea.
    Operating track
    Geothermal energy in the world. Operating trackPhotosynthesis globally
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Continental primary productivity
    • insolation
    • pluviometry
    • LAI
    • chlorophyll concentration in ocean
    • Temperatures of surface waters

    net primary productivity.
    Operating track
    Water and soil , two unevenly distributed resources
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Types of degradation
    • causes
    • Results
    • fire

    Degradation of the soil.
    Operating trac
    Hydroelectric power in the world
    (13 MB)
    Operating track
    Wind power
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • CO2 emission
    • Consumption
    • hydropower production in 2011.
    • World population
    • Average annual rainfall
    • Topography

    Wind energy in the world
    Operating trackClimates of the Earth (TS Spe)
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • climates observed
    • 4 scenarios of climate forecasts

    Global Climate
    Operating track
    Hydrocarbon deposits in the Gulf of Mexico
    kmz en geodynamics internal
    Gulf of Mexico is one of the richest areas of the globe in hydrocarbon deposits. From this KMZ-en file, you can:

    • extract information showing the geographical location of the region favorable to the formation of hydrocarbons;
    • reconstruct the geological history of this area and to include the formation of hydrocarbons in the context of global tectonics;
    • construct a diagram of the structure of a passive margin.

    Gulf Mexique. kmz
    Operating track
    Methane , energy source or geohazard?
    kmz en geodynamics internal Various activities involving Google Earth KMZ file and are available in this business.
    Primarily focused on high school programs (1st, Second and terminal specialty) they allow to consider different points programs: exploration, exploitation and geohazards. Méthane. kmz
    Operating track

    Planet Earth and its environment

    Pinatubo in 1991.
    Chernobyl 1986.
    Erika 1999th
    Operating track
    national data
    Téléchager the .kmz-en files on earthtopomaps

    Internal Geodynamics / Tectonics

    I)geological map.
    J)Geological maps of France BRGMkmz en geodynamics internalK)Geological France 1/1000000
    L)Geological France 1/50000

    L)Rhine Valley and the Vosges Massif

    kmz en geodynamics internal
    Rhine Valley, a continental rift
    Area of Andlau and Villé
    Ancient times
    The sandstone Vosges
    Fire Field
    accompanying file
    A day on the ground in the area of Clermont-Ferrand
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • geological
    • notice
    • drilling
    • photos and diagram
    • students comments

    Files created by a student of 1 ° S, following a field trip in the Auvergne.
    Téléchager .kmz-en files on earthtopomaps
    External geodynamics
    Differences between the chains of mountains recent and ancient massifs kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Maps topographic
    • geological map of France
    • World geological map
    • Moho depth

    young and old mountains.
    school educational support

    M)Transport and sedimentation of particles

    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Topographic map
    • hydrographic network of the Loire
    • Size of the Loire Sands
    • simplified lithology
    • Thickness of sediments in the North Atlantic

    Transport sedimentation. school educational support Hydrogeology in France

  3. rivers,
  4. Watershed,
  5. aquifers
  6. perimeters SAGE
  7. North West.
    South West.
    South East.

    N)Global issues

    Hydroelectricity hydropower:
    • Water parks (installed capacity)
    • Hydraulic Power Generation in 2012
    • Major hydroelectric dams

    Geographic data:

    • Rivières
    • rainfall
    • Topography
    • 2011 population

    Hydroelectric energy in France.
    (22,5 MB)
    educational support LycéeWind power

    • 1 wind farms (installed capacity)
    • 2 Wind Power Production in 2012
    • 3 wind potential
    • 2011 population

    Wind energy in France
    Operating track

    O)Geothermal energy in France: 

    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Heat flow
    • geothermal gradient
    • Epicentre of earthquake
    • Depth of sedimentary basins
    • flaws
    • Moho depth contours
    • Temperatures of the Earth based on the depth
    Use the heat from the Earth Geothermal France.
    Operating tracks
    Is geothermal energy use in the northeast of France? Geothermal Energy in the northeast of France
    Operating track
    Study of two geothermal resources in France: Alsace. – Bouillante.
    Operating track
    Geothermal Bouillante.
    Exploitatio track
    P)The Beauce aquifer
    kmz en geodynamics internal
    • Online databases (piezometers, quality meters, drilling, soil)
    • Groundwater quality (nitrates, pesticides)
    • Geographic data (cities, river system, population density, land use)
    •  Uses of water (sewage treatment plants, domestic levies, agricultural levies, industrial samples)
    • agricultural censuses from 1998 to 2000
    •  Geology

    The Beauce aquifer.
    accompanying file
    Loire flood risk
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • simplified lithology
    • water system
    • levees
    • gaps
    • Flood hazards
    • The highest known water
    • Flooding 2003

    Flood risk Loire.
    Q)Rhone flood risks
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • watershed
    • piezometric stations
    • risk prevention plan
    • Plan submersible surfaces
    • simplified lithology

    Rhone flood risk. Brest harbor
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Geological map
    • watershed Elorn Alder
    • common
    • Body of water
    • treatment plants
    • Nature

    Brest harbor.
    accompanying file
    U)Geology and history of the city of Lyon Kmz – Geodynamics internal Geodynamics external
    kmz en geodynamics internal

    • Lugdunum 1 et 2
    • Odeon
    • Theater
    • Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere
    • St. John’s Cathedral
    • geological map and leaflet
    • Drilling

    Geology and History of Lyon.

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    Kmz en files to the file (open with Google Earth)Advantages : There are many data. 3D display.
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    Google Earth Engine

    Advantages : There are many data. 3D display.
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    kmz en geodynamics internal
    kmz en geodynamics internalearthtopomaps